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SB0115 - What is it?

On January 23rd, 2013, Senate Bill 0115 was introduced and on May 30, 2013 the bill had passed both Illinois Houses and is now awaiting a potential signature by Governor Pat Quinn. SB0115 was designed to prevent online publishers from charging for the removal of arrest information and booking photographs and related services. At first glance by citizens, this may seem like a great victory but is it really?

Think about it.. PUBLISHING the mugshot will still be LEGAL, but removing the file will not be an option! Database owners will still maintain their databases for traffic monetization, gathering as many arrest records and mugshots as possible! ..Ooops? Did they think about that. Never the less, www.cleansearch.net will be able to obfuscate any files that cannot be removed should any such bill pass.

The Unfortunate Impact?

Unfortunately the reality of the situation is that this bill will only serve to create new hardships for those who have been arrested and are seeking to minimize the visibility and impact of such an event. The unfortunate reality is that, if signed into law, this bill will make it nearly impossible for an Illinois citizen to have that information removed or corrected. Why?

What's Wrong With SB0115?

If SB0115 is signed into law the following things will inevitably happen, each putting an Illinois citizen at a severe disadvantage and likely causing further hardships than currently exist today.

•Illinois arrests will become PERMANENT on the internet with no way to remove the information, regardless of circumstance

•Courtesy Removal Program requests will suffer a slower wait time due to decreased staff

•The citizens will have no recourse or ability to remove published arrest information -- EVER

Why is there a fee?

The 'opt-out' service is an option for some online record databases. In order to provide the option with viable results, requires special skill and labor. The database administrators are not obligated to provide those resources for you (or any particular individual). They are under no obligation to remove data from their system upon request or demand. Database administrators must apply their terms of service with equity.

Please take a moment to understand the various factors involved, for instance; simply "removing" an item from a database is neither simple, nor will it necessarily remove it's presence or the collateral data content that emanated from it. Attempting to offer this would not be feasible, the support chain-of-emails would be insurmountable due to variable factors which most people are not aware of, making 'support' impossible to maintain without it's own source of funding.

Attempting to remove content without professional adjudication would not result in proper or successful action. This creates a relatively fundamental logistic; The database websites can either refuse all requests to remove content, or apply an administrative fee that covers the costs of providing the service in a viable manor that meets the criteria of successful service.

Currently, we are able to provide this service. Place your order to permanently remove a published record.

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RemoveArrest was created out of demand. RemoveArrest, from CleanSearch, is much like a document service which assists you in obtaining a passport, birth certificate or other vital records.

CleanSearch helps manage what search results are associated with your name-search. Due to the incredible demand for the management of online arrest records, CleanSearch created a platform in which we can pull your arrest record from it's online source quickly. The longer a record remains online, the more chance for proliferation.

We operate a depth of proprietary internet services such as  CleanReviewHitDetective, MonitorMyTeen and  ThePressAgent. Our expertise allows us to offer assistance in expediting the removal of your unwanted online record publications.  Frequently asked questions.

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