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Remove Arrest Records, Mugshots Files and Images from Google and other Search Engines.


- The specific webpages listed in your service proposal.
- The images emanating from them.
- The listings they create in Google, Bing and Yahoo Search.

RemoveArrest.com is faster and more thorough than any other source online.  GUARANTEED!

Thank you for trusting CleanSearch® Removal Process!

Registered VIA the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

We perform a custom analysis and list all currently available content. 

As per your customized service proposal, we will terminate the cited web locations.
We can remove the content listed in your service proposal in a few days! We will be happy to assist you through the removal process. We've removed tens of thousands of pages. Everything you need to begin the process is contained in this service proposal. Prices are subject to change, We urge you to act rapidly!  Call 561-288-0655 should you have any questions. 

It is with great pride that we announce our respect and care for your name-search. All agents abide by strict code of ethics and logistics to protect your name-search during analysis and handling. We developed a proprietary tool to find content without exacerbating any negative association to your name. No other service can claim to do this. Locate the public version of this at www.mugshotsearchengine.com, or download our free app Available in Google Play And Apple App Store.

Why use RemoveArrest by CleanSearch®?

1. We TERMINATE the sites AND the listings in Google, BING and Yahoo!

2. Our service is FASTER, more thorough and the lowest priced!

3. We are an established corporation and hold a registered trademark from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. CleanSearch® www.cleansearch.net

If you still have questions, please try our FAQ


1. Service is only applicable to specific sources cited in your service proposal.

2. Allow a few days for search engines to reflect the removed content.

3. Chargebacks will result in permanent publication of the associated content.

Remove Arrests and Mugshots Records

Money Back Guarantee.

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CleanSearch LLC Remove Arrest Records and Copurt Documents
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Iillinois Senate Bill 0115

Georgia Legislature passes bill (HB 150) restricing the publication of mugshots for commercial gain
Florida Counties Arrest Removal
California Counties ArrestRemoval

Florida Counties Arrest Removal
California Counties ArrestRemoval
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